Requesting Help

/listDisplays a list of all players on the server, with staff noted
/list-allDisplays a list of all player on all servers, with staff noted
/modlistDisplays a list of all staff currently online
/modreq <message>Submits a mod request for staff to respond to
/checkShows the status of your open modreq
/done ####Allows you to close an open modreq if it does not need to be handled any longer

Miscellaneous Commands

/creativeMoves you to the creative server
/discordDisplays the Discord server invite link
/dynmap <show|hide>Show/Hide yourself from the dynmap
  alias: /fs
Allows skulls held in your inventory to become stackable with skulls of the same type during the restart period.
/flowToggles water flowing within a region you own. If toggled on, click a static block to enable flow.
/helpDisplays a help file for PvE containing submenus with addition information
/ignore-deathsDisables death messages until the next restart
/lobbyMoves you to the lobby
/mapsDisplays a list of URLs to the livemap and carto
/moblimiter limitsDisplays information about the current moblimiter configuration
/minigamesMoves you to the minigames server
/msg <player> <message>Sends a message to a player
/mumbleDisplays connection information for mumble (voice chat)
/nextrestartDisplays time until the next server restart
/placeDisplays a list of admin-placed places
/pveMoves you to the PvE server
/r <message>Replies to the last user with a message
/rg i [<region>]Displays region information. If no region specified, will show the region you are standing in.
/rg addmember <region> <player>Adds a member to the specified region. Must be a region owner.
/rg removemember <region> <player>Removes a member from the specified region. Must be a region owner.
/s <message>Puts italics text into chat, aka sarcasm
/suggestion-box <suggestion>Ingame command to send your suggestions to PvE Admins.
/view-distanceDisplays the current server view distance in all worlds
/whoDisplays the names of users in each world
/wpDisplays player waypoint commands
/wp deathAutomatic waypoint that shows the coordinates of your last death

Horse (Easy Rider) Commands

/horse-top [<stat>]
  alias: /htop [<stat]
Shows the rank of all horses on the server. You can specify /horse-top jump, /horse-top speed, or /horse-top health. Output is divided into pages of 10 horses and you can ask for a specific page number, e.g. /horse-top jump 2
/horse-owned [<page>]
  alias: /horse-list [<page>]
  alias: /hlist [<page>]
Lists all of the horses owned by you as well as its last known coordinates. You can specify a page using /horse-owned #
/horse-upgrades [<ability>]
  alias: /hup [<ability>]
allows you to see the maximum level and how much training effort is required to attain each level
  alias: /hinfo
  alias: /horse-info
Shows the levels of the horse you are currently riding, or if not riding the horse you click on
  alias: /hgps
find a specific horse that you own /hgps 4 or /hgps Horses can be specified using their unique ID, their number in /hlist or the start of their name.
  alias: /hacl
  alias: /haccess
Grant or revoke access to your horses. Or display players with access to a horse by clicking on it.
To add a user: /haccess <horse> +<username>
To remove a user: /haccess <horse> -<username>

Clanchat Commands

/clanchat create <channel>Creates a new clanchat channel with you as the owner
/clanchat join <channel>Joins a public clanchat, or one that you have been invited to
/c [<#channel>] <message>Sends a message to the channel. If you do not include a channel it will default to the last channel used
/cq <#channel> <message>Sends a quick message to the specified channel, but does not change your default channel
/ca [<#channel>] <message>Sends an alert mesage to the channel. You must be an owner/manager.
/cme [<#channel>] <message>Sends a "/me" type message to your current or specified channel
/cr <message>Sends a message ot he last channel you recieved a message from, regardless of your default channel
/cb [<#channel>Lists bulletins for all channels you are a member of
/cm [<#channel>]Lists all members in your default channel (or specified channel if one is given)
/cs [<#channel>] <message>Sends a "/s" type sarcasm message to your specified channel
/clanchat delete <channel>Deletes a channel. You must be the owner.
/clanchat color <channel> <color>Sets the channel color. Must be an owner/manager.
/clanchat textcolor <channel> <color>Sets the channel text color. Must be an owner/manager.
/clanchat alertcolor <channel> <color>Sets the channel alert color. Must be an owner/manager.
/clanchat members <channel>Lists all the members in a channel.
/clanchat invite <channel> <player>Invites a player to a channel. Must be an owner/manager.
/clanchat uninvite <channel> <player>Uninvnites a previously invited player. Must be an owner/manager.
/clanchat changeowner <channel> <player>Changes the owner of a given channel. Must be an owner. This cannot be undone
/clanchat addmanager <channel> <player>Adds a manager to the channel. Must be the owner.
/clanchat removemanager <channel> <player>Removes a manager from the channel. Must be the owner.
/clanchat listmanagers [<channel>]List all managers in the channel. Must be the owner.
/clanchat remove <channel> <player>Removs a player from the channel. Must be a manager/owner.
/clanchat leave <channel>Leaves a channel that you're in.
/clanchat listLists all the channels that you're in.
/clanchat publicLists all public channels
/clanchat flagsSets channel flags. Type the command for more information.
/clanchat addbulletin <channel> <bulletin>Add bulletin to the channel.
/clanchat removebulletin <channel> <number>Remove the bulletin from the channel. <number> starts at 1 with the top bulletin.
/clanchat subscribe <channel>Subscribe to a channels bulletins.
/clanchat unsubscribe <channel>Unsubscribe to a channels bulletings.
/clanchat subscriptionsList your current bulletin subscriptions.
/clanchat channelsList all the channels and their owners.

Chest Locking (LWC) Commands

/cprivateCreate a private chest (this is the default chest state)
/cpublicCreate a public chest
/cdonationCreate a donation chest (anyone can add items but only the owner can remove them)
/cpassword <password>Create a password protected chest
/cunlock <password>Unlock a password protected chest
/cmodify <type>type: ex /cmodify public - performs /cremove and /cpublic on the chest
/cmodify <username>username: ex /cmodify Silversunset - Adds a single user to chest permissions
/cmodify <r:regionname>r:regionname: ex /cmodify r:haven - Adds the entire region list to chest permssions
/cinfoView information on a protection
/climitsView the amount of protections you are allowed
/cremoveRemoves a protection on a chest. CAUTION: Any user can /cprivate a chest in this state.
/cpersistToggles persist mode, your command will persist until you run /cpersist again.

Standmaster Commands

/stand persist <boolean>Prevents your modifier list from clearing
/stand preset <name>Loads a modifier preset
/stand preset add <name>Adds a personal modifier preset
/stand preset remove <name>Removes a personal modifier preset
/stand preset addglobal <name>Adds a global modifier preset
/stand preset removeglobal <name>Removes a global modifier preset
/stand listShows your current stand modifier list
/stand clearClears your current stand modifier list
/stand name <string>Gives the stand a visible nametag
/stand invisible <boolean>Makes the stand invisible
/stand nobaseplate <boolean>Removes the stands baseplate
/stand nogratvity <boolean>Prevents the stand from falling
/stand pose body <rotation>Sets the stands body rotation
/stand pose leftarm <rotation>Sets the stands left arm rotation
/stand pose rightarm <rotation>Sets the stands right arm rotation
/stand pose leftleg <rotation>Sets the stands left leg rotation
/stand pose rightleg <rotation>Sets the stands right leg rotation
/stand pose head <rotation>Sets the stands head rotation
/stand showarms <boolean>Shows arms on the stand
/stand small <boolean>Makes the stand smaller