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Nether PortalApollox: -2219, z: 2200Owner: Pico
Nether PortalAphroditex: -3366, z: 3557Owner: pez252
Nether PortalAresx: -3452, z: -3245Owner: Xanawatt
Nether PortalArtemisx: 3795, z: -3544Owner: Zaliek
Nether PortalAthenax: 2022, z: -2244Owner: eternaf
Nether PortalDemeterx: 3693, z: 3501Owner: Greninja
Nether PortalHadesx: -104, z: 179Owner: Padmins
Nether PortalHephaestusx: 96, z: -2883Owner: Just_Chaos
Nether PortalHerax: -2205, z: -2206Owner: Avalon
Nether PortalHermesx: -209, z: 3122Owner: Standish_
Nether PortalHestiax: 3296, z: 69Owner: djdanlib
Nether PortalPoseidonx: 2236, z: 2100Owner: Aharit
Nether PortalZeusx: -3125, z: -260Owner: benergy09
End PortalWestern End Portalx: -2244, z: -74
End PortalSouthwestern End Portalx: -4124, z: 2395
End PortalSoutheastern End Portalx: 3680, z: 3000
End PortalNortheastern End Portalx: 1392, z: -2038
TownAebercrutheyx: 1447, z: 97Owner: AnonymousDapper
TownAliasx: -1000, z: -1000
TownAmbrosiax: 0, z: -1800
TownAngkorWatx: -1349, z: 1214Owner: AceMarconi
TownArgothx: 300, z: -500Owner: Socarch
TownAuratusx: -2289, z: 171Owner: Ted50, Serval, Suspicious_Mango
TownAvalonx: -2201, z: -2200
TownBasiliax: -3125, z: -261Owner: benergy09
TownBobolandx: -1175, z: 1620Owner: Bobosozeli
TownBrabantiax: 0, z: -2350Owner: Adrei87
TownButaniax: 80, z: 1250Owner: UNP
TownCobaltx: 3700, z: 3500Owner: Greninja
TownDjentle Damx: 1200, z: -3200Owner: Djentlegiant
TownDol Annûnx: -4330, z: 770Owner: TheNightsKing
TownDuSablex: -91, z: 2466Owner: sushi15
TownElrosx: -209, z: 3122Owner: Standish_
TownFire Nationx: -1001, z: 3459Owner: AzulaTheFireLord
TownGwenynx: -3070, z: -2703Owner: QueenBombus, Ullander
TownHavenx: 0, z: -3600Owner: Silversunset, Bermudalocket
TownHermits Keepx: -1194, z: -1276Owner: Chunes, Estelore
TownHermits Restx: -925, z: 1786Owner: Herr_Fawkes
TownHyrulex: -2750, z: -2450Owner: gk_ryo
TownIcespykiax: 4040, z: -3695Owner: buzzie71
TownIronstarx: -1600, z: -500
TownLaketownx: -342, z: 1300Owner: Eshonbel
TownLazuli Shoresx: 2833, z: 333Owner: Cujobear, King_of_Queso
TownMetal Mountainsx: 1120, z: 666Owner: EternityOfDeath
TownMewx: 397, z: 1088Owner: catthedd
TownMooshroom Manorx: -774, z: 393Owner: Sapphric
TownOasis Nature Reservex: 2794, z: -3128Owner: Omega_Orion
TownOptiminxx Mountainx: 986, z: 746Owner: Jedi_Optimus, Gingerminxx
TownOrionx: 200, z: 3100Owner: CARnivore_NDS, Riveri, OleToothless
TownPaxx: -84, z: 384Owner: ppgome
TownPicox: -2200, z: 2200Owner: Totemo
TownPondsburghx: 1277, z: 178Owner: Tuxywhale
TownRaygetx: 0, z: 1000Owner: hafget, teslaray
TownRosex: -3141, z: 3577Owner: pez252
TownSilk Mountainx: 2375, z: -2680Owner: apple231
TownSolacex: -80, z: 500Owner: ghrey303, sirlyle
TownSporosx: 3296, z: 69Owner: djdanlib
TownTrinityx: -3750, z: 550Owner: username2088
TownTwinleafx: 403, z: 1463Owner: KoolKiwiKoala
TownUberprojectx: -1999, z: 2398Owner: Schererererer
TownVlorëx: -3700, z: 3050Owner: LivelyMeteor114
TownWisteriax: 2660, z: 2259Owner: Sumeragi
TownYetix: -102, z: -1028Owner: Jellypants, KRwisty
TownYowiex: -222, z: 1349Owner: ThelVadumee, Inder321
Grinder4x Skeleton + Zombie Grinderx: -4, z: -221
GrinderDouble Skeleton + Zombie Grinderx: 2937, z: 1508
GrinderDouble Skeleton Grinderx: -317, z: 1233
GrinderDouble Skeleton Grinderx: -3456, z: 3041
GrinderDouble Skeleton Grinderx: -3039, z: -2675Accessible near the rail line
GrinderDouble Zombie Grinderx: 273, z: -1899
GrinderGuardian Grinderx: -2374, z: 138Owner: Ted50 / Auratus
GrinderGuardian Grinderx: 1190, z: -2550
GrinderGuardian Grinderx: -745, z: -1425Owner: Wozdaka
GrinderGuardian Grinderx: 1250, z: -3300Owner: Djentlegiant
GrinderGuardian Grinder & Slime Hunting Groundx: -239, z: 1272Owner: Butania
GrinderSkeleton & Zombie Grinderx: 0, z: -2382
GrinderSkeleton Grinderx: 1463, z: 1537
GrinderSkeleton Grinderx: -4090, z: 760
GrinderSkeleton Grinderx: -3423, z: 3233
GrinderSkeleton Grinderx: 672, z: 182Owner: Sir_Didymus
GrinderSkeleton Grinderx: -1349, z: 1214Owner: AceMarconi
GrinderSkeleton Grinderx: -3024, z: 2309Entrance marked with polished diorite
GrinderSlime (chunk) Grinderx: -170, z: 2960Owner: freezeman1
GrinderSpider Grinderx: 316, z: -3122
GrinderSpider Grinderx: -2251, z: 311Owner: Auratus
GrinderSpider/Zombie/Skeleton Grinderx: 2078, z: -2213
GrinderTriple Skeleton + Zombie Grinderx: -1100, z: -500
GrinderTriple Skeleton/Zombie Grinderx: -3756, z: 593
GrinderWitch & Skeleton Grinderx: 3083, z: 1543Owner: DarkRageE7, Zalteon
GrinderWitch Grinderx: -500, z: -500Owner: Rivae
GrinderWitch Grinderx: -1250, z: -1220
Grinder5 Skelly + 1 Zombie Grinderx: 54, z: -3949Owner: Bermudalocket, Blue_Avocado; Name: HavenHex
Special GrindersSquidx: 4237, z: -1473Owner: King_of_queso
Special GrindersSquidx: -2260, z: 3790Owner: Kumquatmay
Special GrindersShulkerx: -1008, z: 1142Owner: AceMarconi
Special GrindersShulkerx: 1400, z: 1301Owner: Aharit
Special GrindersSlimex: 2000, z: 3400Owner: Aharit
Special GrindersSlimex: -1289, z: -3007Owner: King_of_queso
Special GrindersCreeperx: -3463, z: -1761Owner: Tic & Ice
Special GrindersCreeperx: 2164, z: -1194Owner: Bermuda & Silver
MiscDesert Templex: -995, z: 1125
MiscIce spikesx: 4100, z: -4100
MiscJungle Cliff Villagex: 2750, z: 2432
MiscNoob Lodgex: -84, z: 484
MiscPrismarine Mountainx: 3850, z: -1971
MiscSkelly Spawner/Abandoned Housex: -359, z: 1029
MiscSolace Villagersx: -35, z: 530
MiscTower of Deathx: 0, z: -3159
MiscVillagex: -900, z: 1500Looted, but villagers available
MiscVillagex: -4040, z: -800A fully intact village
MiscZombie/Spider Spawnersx: -3538, z: 664
Adventurers Guild TemplesThe Temple of Purrx: -2234, z: 1310Padmin Challenge!
Adventurers Guild TemplesTemple Wolfenswynex: -1834, z: 676Padmin Challenge!
Adventurers Guild TemplesThe Uff-Da Templex: -1340, z: 2762Padmin Challenge!
Adventurers Guild TemplesThe Temple of Pylottx: -1224, z: -1249Padmin Challenge!
Adventurers Guild TemplesThe Temple of Molonx: -836, z: 2428Padmin Challenge!
Adventurers Guild TemplesTemple of Cloox: -834, z: 3160Padmin Challenge!
Adventurers Guild TemplesThe Temple Layettex: -820, z: 2842Padmin Challenge!
Adventurers Guild TemplesThe Sure-Lee Templex: -672, z: -2240Padmin Challenge!
Adventurers Guild TemplesThe Temple of Destinyx: 1175, z: 3103Padmin Challenge!
Adventurers Guild TemplesTemple of the Guardianx: 1270, z: -2900Padmin Challenge!
Adventurers Guild TemplesTemple of the Setting Moonx: 2201, z: 722Padmin Challenge!
Adventurers Guild TemplesBizmoll Templex: 3842, z: 1828Padmin Challenge!
Adventurers Guild TemplesThe Sygne Templex: 4120, z: 4233Padmin Challenge!
Adventurers Guild TemplesTemple of Boomx: 4334, z: 3720Padmin Challenge!
Adventurers Guild TemplesTemple Infernox: 4439, z: 1367Padmin Challenge!
Adventurers Guild TemplesThe Bouncy Templex: -856, z: 1412Padmin Challenge!
Adventurers Guild TemplesTemple of Baa-Baax: 3463, z: 2392Padmin Challenge!
Adventurers Guild TemplesThe Temple of D端tx: 2695, z: 3880Padmin Challenge!
Adventurers Guild TemplesTemplo Noirx: 2751, z: 4387Padmin Challenge!
Adventurers Guild TemplesThe Temple of Shroomsx: -4462, z: -1284Padmin Challenge!