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Nether Portals
1/6 Solace Portalghrey303 (SW PORTAL)Operational
2/6 DuSable PortalFlyinSloth (SE PORTAL)Operational
3/6 Rose Portalttsci (NW PORTAL)Operational
4/6 Vizmos PortalLadyKivi (NE PORTAL)Operational
5/6 Pico PortalTECP (NE PORTAL)Operational
6/6 NasKerrakTheAcademician (NE PORTAL)Operational
7/12 Hyrule Portalgk_ryo (SE PORTAL)Operational
8/12 Akinah PortalNistune (NW PORTAL)Operational
9/12 SW PortalSmooshr (SW PORTAL)Operational
10/12 Suramar PortalTorteela (SW PORTAL)Operational
11/12 Mooshroom PortalSapphric (WNW PORTAL)Operational
12/12 Kirik Tepe Portalnels_nelson (SSE PORTAL)Operational

Custom Spawners
Squid 1Overworld - AharitOperational
Squid 2OverworldNot found
Shulker 1 Overworld - TheNightsKingOperational
Zombie Pigman 1NetherNot found
Zombie Pigman 2NetherNot found
Shulker 2UnavailableNot found
CreeperUnavailableNot found
SlimeOverworld - RuthlesssssOperational

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Category X Y Z Name Owner Notes Date Added /place
Nether Portal0630Spawn PortalPadminsn/a03-19-2018
Nether Portal1750-358Vizmosas PortalLadyKivin/a03-19-2018 /place Vizmosas_Portal
Nether Portal-11646-411Akinah Portaln/an/a04-08-2018/place Akinah_Portal
Nether Portal48988383Hyrule Portalgk_ryon/a04-08-2018/place Hyrule_Portal
Nether Portal45348-410NasKerrak PortalTheAcademiciann/a04-08-2018/place NasKerrak_Portal
Nether Portal43841-177Pico PortalPicon/a04-08-2018/place Pico_Portal
Nether Portal-25361-189Rose Portalttscin/a04-08-2018/place Rose_Portal
Nether Portal-5642194Solace Portalghrey303n/a04-08-2018/place Solace_Portal
Nether Portal-438104367SW PortalSmooshrn/a04-08-2018/place SW_Portal
Nether Portal-45164-179Mooshroom PortalSapphricn/a04-30-2018/place Mooshroom_Portal
Nether Portal4598465Kirik Tepe Portalnels_nelsonn/a05-12-2018/place KirikTepe_Portal
Nether Portal2003080DuSable PortalFlyinSlothn/a05-12-2018/place DuSable_Portal