Coordinates Rail/Roads

Name X Y Z Owner Added /place Maps Notes
Solace End Portal514-5-2089Solace06-02-2024
Avalon-91566815bookey4206-03-2024The recurring town of Avalon!
Daloria250641900UpsideKen06-03-2024A small recurring town, back for Rev30
Thornton Abbey-50070-1875TemporarilyAlive, Spook6, Kirstn & friends06-04-2024A large-scale, Downton Abbey-style build
Hyrule (North Portal)52595-2750gk_ryo06-04-2024A recurring base by gk_ryo
A Moment's Respite57062-1885Bluuefuzzy06-04-2024A beautiful, tiny island where to rest on your travels in the northern seas
Inkwell4000711725King_of_queso, cujobear & friends06-17-2024
Rose City47007050006-17-2024
Spire-1500502900Bobosozeli06-20-2024Squid and slime grinder, more grinders to come.
Hovet800641370teiz1 & tld0106-30-2024