Coordinates Rail/Roads

Name X Y Z Owner Added /place Maps Notes
NW Cave Spider Grinder-270969-2827tunfy06-26-2021/wp NW_Cave_SpiderSingle spawner grinder with enchanting table
Daloria-16006410UpsideKen, Siraiso, Inevitable_o5, XblaiseX, Minecraftlover1406-27-2021DaloriaA unique town located along the West road.
Ambrosia00-1500Ambrosians06-27-2021We have taters!
Slime-293564292706-30-2021Live Map
Solace Archery-38564-142107-02-2021@PvE Join us for our first weekend event of Rev 27! Solace will be hosting archery Friday at 7:30 pm US eastern and again Saturday at 1 pm US eastern! Use /place event to find you way! Would you like to host an event? contact a Padmin!
NE End Portal283164-135407-02-2021Live Map
Oxion Portal-340-1419-141907-02-2021
Harotaro Portal-24160-84907-03-2021
Powdermonkey2 Portal-1440-217107-03-2021
Skelly Grinder-215072835Avalon07-12-2021
New Russia Portal-1440-217107-15-2021
teiz1 Portal22890198807-15-2021REv 27 Portals
Seditia Portal20920284707-15-2021REv 27 Portals
Berrybury Portal3060-138607-15-2021REv 27 Portals
Portal-29680-299707-15-2021REv 27 Portals
Daloria Ice Racing Track-1579647807-15-2021Welcome to Daloria Ice Racing Track. The track consist of split, loop, and difference in elevation. Locate and use the nearest staircase if you fall off the track. Tips: Use F5 so you will not get dizzy playing. Spotter may be needed at the mountain outlook for event race. - optional - Leave the boat when using water elevator. Extra boats if needed. :D Mountain outlook up here. Bed and Ender Chest.
Ironstar Portal20930-80907-15-2021REv 27 Portals
Rose Portal-11140-283707-15-2021REv 27 Portals
Ambrosia Portal-100-149007-15-2021REv 27 Portals
inevitable_o5 Portal-16120-6807-15-2021REv 27 Portals
Slime Farm Portal-29420292007-15-2021REv 27 Portals
Avalon Portal-2150081907-15-2021REv 27 Portals
Azumarill Portal-12160-148907-15-2021REv 27 Portals
Aqua_zed Portal22760-228007-16-2021REv 27 Portals
Stairs Portal4200223507-16-2021REv 27 Portals
Rose Thimble-103764-279307-16-2021This week's event is thimble at Rose!
Pvtsnoball Portal-138909307-17-2021REv 27 Portals
Ambrosia Sky Farm64198-1710NastyHabits07-18-2021XP/loot, bones, gunpowder, string, flesh, reeds, wood. Easy access from nether highway, ocean access
Slime Farm-36772364VarukaSalt08-06-2021/place Slime-Farm-Portal
Fort Pacuy0701310pacuy08-31-2021Small town to stop by for a quick rest along South Road