Coordinates Rail/Roads

Name X Y Z Owner Added /place Maps Notes
Avalon35075350Avalon Mayors03-15-2020Avalon
Ambrosia00-2000Ambrosians03-15-2020We have taters!
Skeleton Grinder-18523-2125GHDpro03-15-2020/wp GHDpro Skeleton_GrinderTake the West/East road in Ambrosia and follow the signs
Daloria-145065-250UpsideKen, Legendaryfailed, and more03-15-2020/wp UpsideKen DaloriaThe town nearby West Portal.
Zombie XP Grinder-1115154Gold88ape03-16-2020
Pillager Outpost-21670-729Noone yet as of posting this03-16-2020Pillagers might not spawn immediately because of worldgen bugs. I submitted a modreq to investigate.
N End Portal25965-1783Solace03-16-2020/place NorthEast_End
Bromland-50075-5PPGOME & Nolanater571103-16-2020
Banner shop-370-204CodeRedStone03-17-2020/wp CodeRedStone Banner_ShopBuy Banners
Xepally75065825Xyloto_ & IInsani_Ty03-17-2020/wp IInsani_Ty XepallyA Small Village On The Coast
Pillager Outpost-143080117503-18-2020
The Cube111364-485Cujobear, King_of_queso03-18-2020/wp King_of_queso thecube
North Portal-11073-2025Roadie_MC03-18-2020Northclaimed by Roadie_MC, build designer - NastyHabits
Skeleton Grinder-151972877Zahldar03-18-2020Public XP Grinder
Auratus-800641600Auratus03-21-2020We have villagers, crops, and steak available to the public!
Guardian Grinder-768641233Auratus03-21-2020Also home to Ted50
Tortuga-769642051Tin_OS , X_Pyke_X and Itz_Domba98003-21-2020/wp Tortuga
Ironclad Acres-137570-20fazaden03-22-2020Iron-themed town, featuring a half-public iron grinder
SE End Portal12832783503-22-2020
Squelch Island-1628641526SquelchRepublic03-22-2020
The Grand Squelch Manor1884642459SquelchRepublic03-22-2020
Snowfield Stable29587122derpherpington03-22-2020SnowfieldStableBreath of the Wild!
dacracot's island-16269227dacracot03-23-2020/wp island dacracotfree fish
UnceHaven4071-24003-23-2020Best city on PVE!
Cave Spider Grinder-25234-704Voyager_03-23-2020Currently, stairway down can be found around -217 -686. There is a pillager outpost just to the north so be careful.
PvP Arena16078-286unce03-23-2020UnceHaven PvP arena
Whitewall Manor13430-2828fawkes0103-23-2020
Solace200070-2000Solace Mayors03-23-2020/place solace
NE Nether Portal200070-2000Solace03-23-2020
SW Nether Portal-2018702180Ruthlesssss03-25-2020
Zombie Grinder1270-1376Maradyne03-26-2020/wp maradyne zombie_grinderSingle spawner Zombie grinder at surface level, right on the North Road
East Portal182088-166kumquatmay03-27-2020
Slime Chunk Farm/Spider Spawner-50540Wizard_Council03-27-2020Manual farming only, no auto grinder.
NW Nether Portal-213966-2204Yowie03-29-2020
Ironstar100630Wozdaka and Halinah03-30-2020Melon Farm and Villagers
South Portal-428701778Rokkuwu / Whiteoak04-01-2020/place South
Drowned Island-2820644704-04-2020Lots of drowned spawn here!
Viking Post14679657Archer_625 and flamingleopard04-04-2020/VikingpostIt's a small town
hovet's guardian grinder-126464799teiz1 & tldsv04-07-2020
Triple Cave Spider Grinder & Double Slime chunk140078-475Emizzon04-10-2020Spider Grinder has 3 outputs with in reach of each other. Slime chunks are manual
Cave Spider Grinder667-1883FallenAgnostic04-10-2020Public, belongs to Ambrosia
Slime farm2867-2049GHDpro (Ambrosia)04-10-2020Upper chest is public
Melopump automatic farm3467-2036GHDpro04-10-2020Upper chest is public
SE Nether Portal198664201604-11-2020
Skeleton/Cave Spider Double Grinder11285337ALGAC04-11-2020Grinder System Entrance: X+1110 Z+78
Zombie Cave Spider Double11833159ALGAC04-11-2020Grinder System Entrance: X+1110 Z+78
Smirk's Brewery2300771850Smirkules04-12-2020Mass producing most potion types for free with automated brewing machines.
Hostile mob Grinder-30963-1750CodeRedStone 04-13-2020/wp CodeRedStone mobGrinderInefficient, works better during the day
Lucha Underground-609716TheCoachAdair04-13-2020/wp TheCoachAdair LuchaUnderground PvP Wrestling arena
Ambrosia Double Skeleton + Zombie grinders667-1868NastyHabits04-18-2020Downstairs. Double skele and single zombie grinders. Also has access to nearby Cave Spider grinder ;)
Zombie Grinder-150072913Zahldar04-19-2020Public XP Grinder -- Entrance in a building
Resort-159972897Zahldar04-19-2020Vacation getaway town
Solace200065-2000Ghrey30304-24-2020SolaceSolace is NE nether portal, not North. Coords are wrong on deadmap.
Squid Grinder-2608631242Rose05-05-2020/place squid
zombie grinder185720-1354teiz105-16-2020
Beta 1.7.3 Island71067-2460NastyHabits05-30-2020A 200x200 placed by hand island from beta 1.7.3 world. Seed 412995424950055547, near 578 -666. Part of Ambrosia
Ambrosia PvP Arena15073-1973FallenAgnostic05-30-2020Hosted Friday 29th 2020 PvP event
Ambrosia Ice Track7971-1838Roadie_MC05-30-2020Open for racing!
Creeper Grinder9160212806-21-2020
Slime Farm8811-630Armas_DSasi06-27-2020Accessible via northern Subterranea. Only kind of ugly
Pacetora295064-355Hydralisk07-04-2020PacetoraWelcome to Pacetora! 4 homes available, more may be available when I expand the town borders! Littering punishable by death!
Skeleton Grinder 2: Lava Blade Boogaloo286714-96Hydralisk07-04-2020PacetoraSkellyGrinderXP and Skelly item grinder.
Blarney Castle County Cork Ireland185479283207-12-2020
Black Concrete Maze-2142705Charismatix07-13-2020
Granite Grove223065-730GenghisKhanX & MacaroniBones07-21-2020
Horse Training Stairs-2700710Charismatix07-29-2020Dual staircase for horse training - from bedrock to build height
jenseits15067-770FarfallaCC, harotaro, MabESUA08-10-2020we have the biggest and best villager trading hall with pumpkin, melon, cane farm, also nice buildings
LHC200064600Enture09-11-2020The LHC (Labyrinth Hacking Center) is a map of the first 3 levels of Pez's Maze, complete with their exit paths. Check it out ingame or on the livemap!
West Portal-15700-8909-21-2020
SW End Portal-1870077009-21-2020
Raid Arena-203270-167909-22-2020manual one
NastyHabits Home9470-2019NastyHabits09-28-2020
Ambrosia Embassy-1571-62NastyHabits09-28-2020Info and news about Ambrosia. Free food and echests.
Ambrosia Cookz & Warez shop-2570267NastyHabits09-28-2020Has farmer villager and gift station.
Ambrosia Ice Track15164-1689cheezychicken09-28-2020
Halloween City SEED rail station137769-752NastyHabits10-18-2020First ever SEED railstation (intersections powered by animals).
Halloween City151970-917Various10-18-2020Oct 23-24 2020 Halloween Event
iCe & tiC's Fireworks Arena-1784642484i_c_e_, tict0c10-18-2020Oct 16-17 2020 Rev 25 Firework Show
Passive Creeper, Spider farm-863632772water_jet10-18-2020mainly a gunpowder farm
Slime Grinder-242877-88310-18-2020