Coordinates Rail/Roads

Name X Y Z Owner Added /place Maps Notes
Spawn0640PAdmins07-26-2019/place spawn |
Mushroom Island-27296263807-27-2019 | moo
Ambrosia00-2215Ambrosians07-27-2019 | We will gloriously complete very little. Please give us a visit.
Village-9576987707-27-2019 |
Village-175064-175007-27-2019 |
ALGAC-250642250Ashenrayne07-27-2019 | Claiming Approximately X-155:-300, Z+2025:2400
Village-230965168907-27-2019 |
Village-295365232607-27-2019 |
Community Mine-16771-13Weird_Grim07-27-2019 |
Coral reef-30626213107-27-2019 |
Village-30980-88307-27-2019 |
Pillager Outpost-320992267907-27-2019 |
Kaizoku Ken-81672112307-27-2019 |
Oasis47092600DoovidToonet, GwaineX07-27-2019 | Small little startup town, hopin to get new people in soon.
End Portal-101164-1288Azumarill / Tompreuss07-27-2019 |
Ocean Monument-21926387907-28-2019 |
Village22710225707-28-2019 |
Village23610156607-28-2019 |
Village2247081307-28-2019 |
Village-18880-120207-28-2019 |
Single Skelly Grinder125365789Freezeman107-28-2019 | Entrance is currently very crude. Look for the ring of torches almost under a tree.
Daloria-9500877UpsideKen, Water_jet, Jordus, Mr_CTA07-28-2019 | Village town, with trading villager. The villager only work at day.
The Bizarre Bazaar-2300651700King_of_queso, cujobear07-29-2019/wp cujobear thebb |
Ocean Monument5752160007-29-2019 |
Villagers-16500290007-29-2019 |
flower_forest-15000267507-29-2019 |
Ocean Monument-28650310007-29-2019 | Elder guardians killed. I drained out some of the water while harvesting. Bed nearby.
New Jenkins-2747626388_Bit_Eli07-30-2019/wp NewJenkins | An outpost/town on a mushroom island.
Haven20664-2060Silversunset, Bermudalocket07-30-2019 |
Argoth-16564-2060iNerd7107-30-2019 |
Yowie-15564-1880Jellypants, Tomzski, KRwisty07-30-2019 |
Ironstar56664-1782Wozdaka, Halinah07-30-2019 |
NightOak195063007-30-2019 |
Skeleton Grinder-442111589EvilStepDad07-30-2019 | WIP - Functional
NW Nether Portal-242087-277507-30-2019 |
E1K1024630Wawski07-30-2019 | East 1024 (tunnel to East 2048)
E2K2048630Wawski07-30-2019 | East 2048 (tunnel to East 1024)
Villagers-4750229007-30-2019 |
Indigo Base-9000180007-30-2019 |
East End Portal237141-29507-30-2019 |
North Portal10067-2060Sir_Didymus07-30-2019 |
Ixhi Cliff26426514ixhi07-31-2019Ixhi_Cliff | ixhi's build. Beside and underneath a mountain cliff. Vertical, colorful. Built around part of the far east road.
Titanium White Mountains-1300124-7508-01-2019 | Area of uplift just over 1km west of the mothership. Low population inhabitants, mixed species.
South-West Portal-2923592043Vuul08-01-2019 | Actual coords of the SW portal
Stonemist-175064-1750Ruthlesssss/Jezzzzie08-02-2019 |
NightOak-2917201683Avalon08-02-2019 | The Real NightOak Accept no substitutes.
Village (New Ravnica)310072-500TheScarredBard08-03-2019/wp NewRavnica | Village in Plains biome. Will have path to the Wheast Road. Everyone welcome to build nearby.
Trinity20880-2088username208808-03-2019 |
The End / East Cardinal tunnels intersection2371110Wawski08-04-2019 | The End - East Cardinal Intersection (tunnel to 1024 East, and The End portal)
Hovet-12001575tld97 teiz108-04-2019 |
Zombie Grinder-266542360ALGAC08-04-2019 | Single
Avalon Zombie Grinder-3015131681dark3lement08-04-2019/place Avalon Zombie Grinder | single
Avalon-3050691659bookey4208-04-2019/place Avalon |
Spawn - Southern Cross Station06952Treppich & JacquiPotato08-05-2019SouthernCrossStation | Server rail hub at Spawn
1x Skele grinder-288065-3060Cyanoacrylate08-05-2019 | Alternate entrances at -2893, 65, -3038, and -2893, 65, -3120,
Auroris14007010014Mal0208-05-2019 |
Metal Mountains275065-125EternityOfDeath08-06-2019 |
Village285565-17508-06-2019 |
South Portal20230108-06-2019 |
South East Portal23000242108-06-2019 |
Nepenthes-1400671800Kirstae, Spook608-06-2019 | Warning! Carnivorous plants live here!
West Nether Portal - Helios-228866-448Narissis08-06-2019 |
Helion Heights-222072-467Narissis08-06-2019 | Residential district for Helios
Skeleton Grinder-157631612Hovet08-06-2019 |
Ocean Monument 575602165Totemo08-06-2019 | I think the current ocean monument listed at 575, 0 was typed in wrong. it should be 2165 not 0
Skeleton Grinder-2817632011Repinwolf/Vuul08-07-2019 |
Skyloft-180869-966Swgnmrty08-07-2019/place Skyloft |
E Nether Portal - Hyrule208067-390gk_ryo08-07-2019/place east |
Fort Toroak (Villagers)-63363644water_jet08-07-2019 | To be expanded, villager trading hall. current great trades (there are more): mending: 10e; silk touch: 7e; Aqua Affinity: 7e; Infinity: 9e; Ender Pearls
Spider Grinder273859-173RydliSilverlake08-07-2019 |
South End Portal-525281640Rose08-09-2019 |
Bearswamp-13700-223Bearnor08-09-2019 | Many slimes spawn in swamp
Simple Skelly Grinder-792683118dacracot08-10-2019 |
Dacracotia-789653266dacracot08-10-2019 | Village overtaken by a cat.
Ft. Luzz17006520fazaden08-10-2019 | Run-Down WW2-style fort
Guardian Grinder-83563-3000Ruthlesssss08-12-2019 |
North East Nether Portal286964-2659shrinemaster08-14-2019/place NorthEast |
The Currently Nameless Town154067930Hanstra08-15-2019 |
Zombie Grinder-534331482EvilStepDad08-17-2019 | Entrances to all grinders are located at -417, 85, +1596
Spider Grinder-419291497EvilStepDad08-17-2019 | Entrances to all grinders are located at -417, 85, +1596
EVILCHAOS-454881564Just_Chaos98 & EvilStepDad08-17-2019 |
Hot Tot Town-3064722783ATSD08-18-2019/place Hot Tot Town | Home of the Tots
Mountfizix-1900802450countfizix08-20-2019 |
Dwelllers-167063-120SkyAdventurer0108-22-2019 |
Rampart072-2500Trooprm3208-29-2019 | Biggest wall ever made on PvE
spunk-3000-525solace08-29-2019 |
2 x 3 Cave Spider Grinder-237316-1936LORDCOSMOS08-30-2019cavespider | Triple grinder is slightly inefficient. Final build unfinished.
1 x Skeleton Grinder-245474-2028LORDCOSMOS08-31-2019 |
Avalon Guardian Grinder-219340877PrefectOfBajor, MingusGriswald, dark3lement09-01-2019AvalonGuardianGrinder |
NW Zombie Grinder-107963-1602TJM6609-01-2019 | Two zombie spawners, enchanting, trading and XP farm.
Squid Farm-84364-717Seditia09-06-2019 | Free ink.
Ravenloft-74564-503Seditia09-06-2019 | Ravenloft Castle, scale 10 ft = 3 blocks
Double Cave Spider67663260jeagle724709-08-2019/wp jeagle_2x_spawner | Double Cave Spider grinder. Water elevators available @ sea level for access
Wally World-111663831Llyssa, TizAdrienne09-10-2019/wp wallyworld | Our first town build, in progress
Bearswamp-132264-190Bearnor09-10-2019 | Many slimy Zombies
Bearswamp Zombie Grinder-132264-190Bearnor09-10-2019 | Many slimes spawn in swamp
Slime Grinder177662-1404Sir_Didymus09-11-2019/place Slime_Grinder |
Squid Spawner-198050105009-11-2019/place SquidSpawner |
Bearswamp Spider Grinder-130966-179Bearnor09-13-2019 | Many slimy Spider
SyberCity1626274064Sybergoose09-18-2019 |
Azu's spider grinder1698631871Azumarill09-20-2019 |
Lionsburg465641935King_of_Lion200009-24-2019 |
witch spawner (correct later, silver - just using this for reasons)1376731136ttsci09-25-2019 |
ninti38064-1365ninti09-29-2019 |
Mobius-1606430Detectives Dupond and Dupont10-01-2019 |
SEA Island179365710Enture10-04-2019/wp SEA | SEA (South-East Argoth) Island, a fully-furnished tower/rest stop smack dab in the middle of the south-eastern Ocean.
Muffin Valley-1457712540Nomasun & Mitterbug10-14-2019Muffin_Valley | A lovely hidden valley with a flower forest nature preserve
Zombie XP/Emerald Grinder w/Fishing station-1418772466Nomasun & Mitterbug10-14-2019 | Zombie XP grinder with AFK autokill/loot option. Has fishing station and a trader to get emeralds from zombie flesh.
Halloween Town197642674Cujobear & King_of_queso10-14-2019 |
Drowned Grinder648111-1308ninti10-23-2019 |
00011-06-2019 |
The Olympics-88471308Colorata11-18-2019 |
Public Donkey/Mule Breeder868219Minagreste12-02-2019 | A Public Breeder so players can get themselves a Donkey/Mule ! :-)
Nomad's Kiosk469229Minagreste12-02-2019 | A Place where players can get themselves free Enderchests and Shulker Boxes ! :-)
Chasm-Dormun41003200Armas_DSasi12-02-2019 | Perpetually "Under Construction"
Avalon Spider Grinder-3089701554dark3lement12-08-2019AvalonSpiderGrinder |
Totemo Pole A350642700fazaden12-21-2019 |
Totemo Pole B245064750fazaden12-21-2019 |
Totemo Pole C-220364-2824fazaden12-21-2019 |
Ambrosia Zombie Grinder-32070-2366cheezychicken12-30-2019 | Entrance at -320 70 -2366.
Creeper grinder-102773-3310king_of_queso01-05-2020Creeper | found by king_of_queso
Syber City1504672736Sybergoose01-05-2020 |
Christmas City229863276601-05-2020 | Lovely Christmas City made for Christmas 2019. Host: kitty9293
Pico229964249201-05-2020 |
Raid Farm412126-2882Weird_Grim01-05-2020 | bad omen is required to start the farm
Wither Rose & Skeleton Grinder2378362123totemo01-05-2020 | turn lamp on to activate wither rose mode
HIYAA rail station2166-1972cheezychicken01-05-2020 | rails to ambrosia, spawn and other places
Ambrosia Mob Autogrinder-4811-2211NastyHabits01-06-2020 | Entrance at -51 63 -2265. Automatic mob farm based on seth_bling design, makes bones, arrows, string, gunpowder, flesh and other products. Please don't remove wither flowers.
Ambrosia wool autofarm-9766-2278Roadie_MC01-06-2020 | Fully automatic
Rev 24 world map old school way571-2326NastyHabits01-06-2020 | 31x31 blocks world map, each block designates biome, city, road, etc
Ambrosia Museum8469-2267NastyHabits01-06-2020 | Museum contains beta 1.7.3, 1.14.4 and ambrosia/server specific sections, visits are open!
Ambrosia Spleef10264-2220Roadie_MC01-06-2020 | 99.99999% ready, giant spaceship
NastyHabits winter house758102976NastyHabits01-06-2020 | Was made during Christmas 2019 as a retreat to enjoy the winter at least ingame. Entrance is below the house, look around.
test1000100test01-14-2020test | test