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Name X Y Z Owner Added /place Maps Notes
Spawn0640PAdmins01-04-2019/place spawn |
Mineshaft Entrance1516836401-05-2019 | Cave Spider Spawner Near
Avalon-128065-760Bookey42, Grenbug, Polar_Ted, Baebasaur, Zach9999801-05-2019/place Avalon | Island Build!
Coral-3500280001-05-2019 |
Coral-2680250001-05-2019 |
Bermuda Triangle-108469-2620PAdmins?01-05-2019 | Has a clickable sign
horses-238066169001-05-2019 |
villagers - desert-249067210001-05-2019 |
villagers - desert-23506884501-05-2019 | clerics, farmers. 4 emerald for ender pearl
UK United Kingdom-27164-628The_Hero2701-05-2019 | Future city here in the sea! :D
South End Portal-50220227901-05-2019/place South_EndPortal |
Gwenyn-12500900Queenbombus & Ullander01-05-2019 | Gwenyn-Kharbranth is a harbor town built into the south facing slopes of mountains. Accepts new members.
horses - plains-15306824001-05-2019 |
NW End Portal-160032-1500Dagoodwi01-05-2019/place NW_EndPortal | Found by Dagoodwi
-23750001-05-2019 |
Navacia-237570350jeagle7247, Darman_S, Makrove01-05-2019/wp jeagle7247 Navacia | City in the NW, home to the Bywater Bay Co.
Chicken Itza75063-1050Spook6, Kirstae01-05-2019/place Chicken_Itza | Town of the May-hens
Northwest Portal-257273-2255Nurse_Waffle01-06-2019/place NW_NetherPortal |
Colorata42670-217kitty9293, PPGOME, promaxxe, ieuweh and cluckky01-06-2019/place Colorata | Beginner town! Join us if you 're new or want a home!
Metal Mountains1265131-3229Metal Mountains01-06-2019 | Metal
South Portal164702385Silversunset01-06-2019/place S_NetherPortal | Owned by Haven
Cheeseland1400712000King_of_queso, cujobear01-06-2019 | Amusement park!
Northeast Portal222663-2244PlNG01-06-2019/place NE_NetherPortal |
Southwest Portal-2375661872twilexis01-06-2019/place SW_NetherPortal |
Cindergate-25730-2269Weazol01-06-2019 | NW Portal Inside Castle
Bjorkburgh257566-145Boondocksgamer, Darklordsmu, Tan620, Jedi_mime_tricks, Mrsirlance01-06-2019 | Viking settlement in the frozen east
Haven196702356Silversunset, Bermudalocket01-06-2019/place Haven |
The Dreadfort-35564-3450HouseBolton01-07-2019 | My humble abode
Mercurium9869-1640vextasy01-07-2019 | home of vextasy!
Ambrosia-4402420Jean_de_Patmos01-07-2019 | Extra chaos in a chaotic world.
Algac12379328Ashenrayne01-07-2019 |
Stonemist600972090Rutlesssss, Jezzzzie01-07-2019/place Stonemist |
Iceberg Oceans-25007020001-07-2019 |
Zombie XP Grinder-1542-948GHDpro01-07-2019 |
Road from Gwenyn to Spawn000Queenbombus & Ullander01-07-2019 | Gwenyn rail starts in basement of the storage house for now.
Cindergate Guardian Grinder-296962-2540Weazol01-07-2019/wp Weazol Cindergate_Guardian_Grinder | Has AFK & XP mode, recommended to bring diamond armor when farming xp.
Ocean Monument-280462-274801-07-2019 |
Ocean Monument-284662-330001-07-2019 |
-330055245001-07-2019 | coral
East Portal201969-333pez25201-07-2019/place E_NetherPortal |
Southeast Portal1610942110King_of_queso01-08-2019/place SE_NetherPortal |
JoshTown152862-259JoshBeech, 01-08-2019/wp JoshTown | AlexSalimander and PinkWink live here too!
Pumpkinopolis34365-256101-08-2019 |
Pico-203767-42601-08-2019 |
Indroid's Island-44064-831Indroid01-08-2019 |
Mobius-472655401-08-2019 |
Turtle Cove84165379Iakni, Zaliek01-08-2019 |
Harvest900692300kirupanda01-08-2019 |
Caravanserai2100730Wawski01-08-2019 |
Trinity2400752850username208801-08-2019 |
DuSable-20065-2950sushi1501-08-2019 |
West Portal-206671-477TECP01-08-2019/place W_NetherPortal | Owned by Pico
Guardian Grinder16001070Weird_Grim01-09-2019 |
Gwenyn Squid Grinder-114852962QueenBombus01-09-2019/place ink_emporium |
North Portal-41265-2364Trooprm3201-09-2019/place N_NetherPortal |
Skelly Grinder16458356Ashenrayne01-09-2019 |
Mount Wash240663430Herr_Fawkes01-10-2019 | Medieval city on the Southern border
Argoth-4569-400iNerd7101-10-2019/wp iNerd71 Argoth | Derelict ocean platform with dense builds on top (and eventually below).
Laxvik-2092682353Ugion01-10-2019/wp Ugion laxvik |
Muskogee210002200Muskogee_Red01-10-2019 |
Vantage-31550-2681cyanoacrylate01-11-2019 |
Cattis-3069-2700mrsmagpie, omjamal01-11-2019 | A small home and a memorial.
Fortress of Legendary-35064-310Legendary_Legend01-11-2019 |
Golem Grinder-33511-365Legendary_Legend01-11-2019 | 4x grinder with a switch to activate full efficiency. Please turn off when done. will upgrade as time progresses
Port Royal-40063-2440thelethalkind, Ooer01-11-2019 | future site of Pooert Town! Name TBD
ship67563936johnnyleslieYT01-12-2019 |
villagers - desert-246564124001-12-2019 |
horses2100076001-12-2019 |
Ugliest Skelly Grinder-285622987dacracot01-12-2019 | Help welcome to make it prettiest.
Zombie Grinder278270565Okxa01-12-2019 | surface access
Cave spider grinder-28030-75KoneLinx01-12-2019/wp KoneLinx CSG (or) CaveSpiderGrinder | 3 spawners !!!!
Trader-120064-10001-12-2019 |
Rose202169-334pez25201-13-2019/place Rose |
Double Skeleton Grinder309631620Vuul01-13-2019 |
Solace High Intensity Training Sector174863-2220Solace01-13-2019 |
_ht_vwls50363-31_ht_vwls01-13-2019/wp _ht_vwls _ht_vwls | No vowels allowed
Hall of the Mountain King-95000KoneLinx01-13-2019/wp KoneLinx HotMK | Underground town. Based on the many tales of dwarfs that keep their gold in a giant excavated hall underground. Accepts new members!
Desert Rabbit Pit106464-3000Public01-13-2019 |
Arcadia33093-1144theFacebook & Lord_Instagram01-14-2019 | Settlement of Arcadia - Japanese themed
Skeleton Grinder600632080Jezzzzie01-14-2019 |
The Deep-41265-2337Trooprm3201-17-2019 | Underground sewer system
Amtrak's Home842631854Amtrak01-17-2019 | Floating home with public farms. (Please replant)
Avalon Guardian Grinder-138662-2242Avalon01-17-2019/place Avalon_Guardian_Grinder | access via rail from Avalon
Resort249272-459Zahldar01-17-2019/wp zahldar resort | Multi-themed town build.
Zombie Grinder2190502781username208801-18-2019 |
Triple Spider Grinder/Killbox0121757SquaresThere & Standish_01-19-2019/place Island_Triple_Spider_Grinder | No pre-damage done to spiders. Grinder is actually in the middle of ocean, but is easily accessible via rail from underground south road.
Double Zombie Grinder-64614-2402barneygale01-19-2019 |
Ulyn17901061Weird_Grim01-20-2019 | Subnautica build theme.
Rainbowland003333_RainbowBrite_01-21-2019 | Come check out my rainbow castle! :D
Solace222564-2244PlNG, ghrey303, zburdsal, Bluuefuzzy, robr, SirLyle01-21-2019 |
Zombie Grinder-111365-1397derpherpington01-21-2019 | Elevator coords
A Jar of Dirt-30000204Polar_Ted01-21-2019 | I've got a jar of dirt!
N. Hochfeld00-3500Kaefer_01-21-2019 | This is my thing
Avalon Skeleton Grinder-1418-82263wyldstallyns01-22-2019 | Enter through Clock Tower. Additional farms & animals below for enchanting.
Avalon Zombie Grinder-1224-79369DantesDame01-22-2019 | Down the stairs. Enchanting & afk space available.
Avalon Auto Cactus Farm-1250-84267baebasaut01-22-2019 | Public
Amtrakia30000250amtrakdrunk01-22-2019 |
Port Mesa250631500Repinwolf, Vuul01-22-2019/wp vuul Port_Mesa |
Amstead30000250amtrakdrunk01-23-2019 |
Vantage Zombie Grinder-337663-2818cyanoacrylate01-25-2019 | Coords are for surface entrance
Orion/Nebula-2376641908Riverii, Oletoothless, Rokkucxvii, twilexis, Carnivore_nds01-25-2019/place Orion |
Slaughtercraft's Peninsula-93712255slaughtercraft01-26-2019/wp slaughterpeninsula | Building with lighthouse. Part of Ambrosia.
Graveltree162887-72Leemur8901-30-2019 | Stay outta my creeper farm please unless you want me to keep your things
A Dodgy Zombie Spawner-33831-3464HouseBolton01-31-2019 | Enter via trapdoors on floor. Bring a sword sweetie
Slothtown10500-719wyndysascha02-02-2019 | "heyyyyyy youuuuuu guyyyyyyys"
Holey Lands-172042350C45Y02-02-2019/wp c45y HL |
Mushroom Islands-250064-270002-03-2019 |
Seabird Islands-60060-500OddGeometry & PigeonSquared02-05-2019 | Giant tree islands turned into a town!
HMS Victory-3168-670Wall_E__02-05-2019/wp Wall_E__ HMS_Victory | Flagship of Lord Nelson at the Battle of Trafalgar
Drowned Grinder-1821931242Weird_Grim02-07-2019 | When 20 people are online it's 1 drowned every 10 min.
The Atria-135372286Estelore, PrometheusIsFree, Chunes, sanderidged, and LadyTiamat02-08-2019 | Quasi-equidistant between Avalon, Gwenyn, and Spawn, the Atria are a cluster of interlocking private residences, occupying the same large ravine roofed in glass.
Jenkins Town129464-7098_Bit_Eli02-08-2019 | I nice, welcoming town build by 8_Bit_Eli and NinjaCdn!
Omega Island26064-120Omegaeddon02-11-2019 |
Spider Service Station1129631604King_of_queso02-13-2019/place Service_Station_Triple | Triple cave spider grinder
Slime Grinder128968-2264iNerd7102-16-2019/place slime_grinder |
Superior Vena Cava-152571215sanderidge02-17-2019 | This is a subterranean, horse-passable road connecting BonChoi's Rt. 57 south of West Road to the Atria. Ends in the Atria at X -1371 Y 50 Z 263.
Rt. 57-1516680BonChoi02-17-2019 | This is a horse-passable aboveground road connecting the West Road to BonChoi's Stead and the Holey Lands. Ends at X -1510 Y 63 Z 297.
BonChoi's Stead-151063297BonChoi02-18-2019 | This is a small well-lit hut with a bed at the end of Rt. 57, equidistant between the Atria and the Holey Lands.
Stoner's Crack-40000shmoogin02-18-2019/wp shmoogin stonerscrack | Underground town with skeleton grinder, villager trading, rail station, animals, farms, horses, and more. Right at the start of west road.
Sybercity-121569-182sybergoose02-20-2019/place SyberCity |
Syber City Freedom Village-135766113sybergoose02-22-2019/wp Estelore freedomvillage | Villager overflow from Syber City in the desert off the West Road, with rail back to Syber City
East End Portal155628-46002-24-2019/place East_EndPortal |
Firework Factory!2800692700PigeonSquared02-25-2019 | All materials for fireworks are free! All you need to do is bring material donations!
Creeper Grinder280047267502-26-2019/place creeper_grinder |
Zombie XP Grinder1015730KedNys02-26-2019 | Clean, simple and effective
Kedland 13101573-28KedNys02-26-2019 | We have cookies and XP!
Hyrule-1596631956gk_ryo02-27-2019/wp hyrule |
Hellshatter Arena and MM Skeleton/Iron Grinder147069-3167GenghisKhanX02-28-2019 |
Karlstad-26811201379teiz1 & tld9703-02-2019/wp Karlstad |
Lone Pine800853200archelon03-07-2019 | A beautiful place out in the country
Ulyn's Guardian Grinder160281068Weird_Grim03-07-2019/place Ulyn's_Guardian_Grinder |
Karlstad 2x spider grinder-2753371443teiz103-07-2019 | enter via red water elevator
00003-08-2019 |
00003-08-2019 |
East Border Road298364-2988drtednelson03-09-2019 | A north-south road from 2983,64,-2988 to 2983,64,2650. Horse-friendly.
Lucis Island-200064-1500King_of_Lion200003-10-2019 |
00003-10-2019 |
00003-12-2019 |
Skeleton grinder - Karlstad-2525641345teiz103-13-2019 |
Saffronia-238466-1776MackSaffron03-16-2019 | Grinders, Villagers, and Rail Access!
x2 Cave Spider Grinder-24969-1773MackSaffron03-16-2019 | Access via Saffronia rail station
Zombie Grinder-25487-1759MackSaffron03-16-2019 | Access via Saffronia rail station
Skeleton Grinder-275111-1714MackSaffron03-16-2019 | Access via Saffronia rail station
Fortress of Despair!-103892532GwaineX and ColeAwesome34303-17-2019 |
Southsnow Ridge554642574nachozrule5603-18-2019/place | Newly founded snowy, mountainous settlement with room to expand
Syber City Zombie Grinder-1238-1660Sybergoose03-22-2019 |
Portland-35070409GwaineX and ColeAwesome34303-28-2019 | A small port town, always open to expansion and new members/
Penastan70575-1596Petecrab04-04-2019/place Penastan | Just a small City... Nothing special Yet.
Karlstad's Guardian Grinder-322721752teiz104-06-2019/place Karlstad_Guardian_Grinder |
ice boat tunnel 166611-1586Azumarill04-09-2019 | west end, connects to solace-End (ne?) rail tunnel
ice boat tunnel323611-1586Azumarill04-09-2019 | east end, at azu and tom's place.
rail line to border tunnel325311-1586Azumarill04-09-2019 | connects to border tunnel. two way. border tunnel's one way (clockwise iirc)
rail line to border tunnel350011-1586Azumarill04-09-2019 | west end, connects to azu and tom's place
520004-15-2019 |
Scherlantis Gate-192416-648schererererer04-17-2019/wp schererererer Scherlantis | Accessible from surface via ocean ravine
Black Town-215073-115BunkerBinkleton, UnluckyPrina04-18-2019Black Town | River oasis town south of Pico. Come build
Dalor1100642800Upsideken/Jordus05-02-2019 |
Yowie-700642700JellyPants05-25-2019 |
Darkroot2700702600PigeonSquared & AbatedDust05-31-2019 | The Underground City! Always welcome to new members and visitors!
Environmental Free State-300643400Eshonbel05-31-2019/wp Eshonbel EFS | Call it EFS if the display name is too big. Eco nature reserve village, current population 3
Cloud's Cradle13051403025Armas_DSasi05-31-2019 | Praise the Sun! \o/
Alexandria-109464-402Treppich06-03-2019Alexandria | Medium-sized desert city loosely based on Arab & Egyptian architectural style. Come visit and enjoy the sights!
The Crimson Spire3112120-2143Narissis06-06-2019N/A | Yep, it's yet another spire.
alias-100011-1000robr06-06-2019 | always your -1000 destination
Night Raid-249166-1682Kvacken, Nanew06-24-2019night-raid | Very good anime town
Beta 1.7.3 retreat house-111642277slaughtercraft07-17-2019 | Part of Ambrosia
Ambrosia rail station-60642286slaughtercraft07-17-2019 | Links with Heaven rail station hub
Memorial in Ambrosia-45642309slaughtercraft07-17-2019 | IRL related
Ambrosia minipark-44642371slaughtercraft07-17-2019 | Hang out near nice one tree park
Ambrosian pier and ship-99642399slaughtercraft07-17-2019 |
Ambrosia hotel-81642423slaughtercraft07-17-2019 | A large hotel for lots of people
Cheezychicken house-72642305cheezychicken07-17-2019 |
Ambrosia cafe-66642351AustinSeb07-17-2019 |
GHDpro farms-24642312GHDpro07-17-2019 |
Railway entrance-26642330cheezychicken07-17-2019 | Railway entrance to Haven Villager Trading Hall and bridge to Pirate ship
Ambrosia church-14642352cheezychicken07-17-2019 |
Yoneey's house-50642424Yoneey07-17-2019 | Part of Ambrosia
AustinSeb's Treehouse-9642428AustinSeb07-17-2019 | Part of Ambrosia
Railway back to spawn / Iceways064232307-17-2019 | Near Ambrosia/Haven
Jean_de_Patmos Extra Large House (tm)-55642458Jean_de_Patmos07-17-2019 | Part of Ambrosia
Bridge to End Portal / Pirate Base-20364227007-17-2019 | Made probably by cheezychicken
Megabridge from Ambrosia to Yowie-441642610cheezychicken07-17-2019 | Has rail. Made by cheezychicken with friends
Spleef Arena-2864258407-17-2019 | Near Ambrosia/Haven
Olympics swimming pool-1864265707-17-2019 | Near Ambrosia/Haven
Ice hockey stadium2464266107-17-2019 | Near Ambrosia/Haven
Ixhi Bridge257082-1942ixhi07-17-2019 | Town made of poem-shrines. Also has a large bridge to its east.
CreeperLady & Tronxx house-3764254407-17-2019 | Not in Ambrosia
Kickflip329 place-113642508Kickflip32907-17-2019 | Two story house
oxguy3's fishing shack-121642638oxguy307-17-2019 |
oxguy3's lighthouse-172642654oxguy307-17-2019 |
tobylane's place-44642238tobylane07-17-2019 | Part of Ambrosia
Ambrosia farms (crops)-37642445Jean_de_Patmos07-17-2019 | Above and below ground
kmwillia base-113642151kmwillia07-17-2019 | Above and below ocean
Ambrosia megamine-90112260slaughtercraft07-17-2019 | Has railways going through