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Name X Y Z Owner Added /place Maps Notes
South Portal3579309Silversunset01-06-2019/place S_Netherportal |
Northwest Portal-32379-297Nurse_Waffle01-06-2019/place NW_NetherPortal |
Southwest Portal-29477228twilexis01-06-2019/place SW_NetherPortal |
Northeast Portal26972-277PlNG01-07-2019/place NE_NetherPortal |
Concrete Villager Trader1250863801-07-2019 | Trade in a stack of Netherrack for a 16 white concrete powder
Terracotta Villager Trader719737001-07-2019 | Trades 64 netherrack -> 32 Terracotta (black, white, orange, yellow, light gray, brown, red)
East Portal25895-31pez25201-07-2019/place E_NetherPortal |
West Terracotta Trader-42084-24001-07-2019 |
Southeast Portal21687266King_of_queso01-08-2019/place SE_NetherPortal |
West Portal-256107-58TECP01-08-2019/place W_NetherPortal | owned by Pico
North Portal-5967-290Trooprm3201-09-2019/place N_NetherPortal |
blaze grinder-9326090totemo01-16-2019 |
Concrete Villager Trader-140108109501-21-2019 |
Concrete and Terracotta Trader7067960AJR36901-22-2019 |
Blaze Grinder12367910AJR36901-22-2019 |
Blaze grinder-1300400Carnivore01-25-2019 |
Blaze Killbox1978153Zomise03-05-2019 | Blaze spawner in a manual killbox with beacons.
Blaze one or two-13473393CARnivore03-14-2019 |